Monday, November 17, 2008

"Oh No He Did Not!"

I woke up around 2:30pm today. I wasn't hungover or anything. I just don't have classes or anything really important to do on Mondays, Wednesday or Fridays. Let me stop lying...there's always work to do, especially if you have two internships, classes, a bountiful social life and a campus secret. (You provably know it already so keep it to yourself pretties.) Anywho, I had to run some errands for Career Services today (i.e. interview someone for the website.) It was quite fun. But on my way back to the room I heard some weird noises. I honestly thought someone was being murdered in my apartment. I was hesitant to unlock my apartment door. Come to find out, one of my roommates that's hardly around was singing. Being the little creeper that I am I recorded him. (Audio is totally legal. Take that law students!)


I hope you guys got your kicks out of that because I had to deal with that for hours. Anywho, people have been upset that the inspirational text messaging has ceased. But guess what pretties?! You are not paying my phone bill. Read it and believe it! (I feel like I'm being a little sassy today...I apologize if I've offended any of you. But if I have...this blog probably isn't for you; love you though.)
Beyonce's album is coming out on iTunes in less than 120 minutes (that's two hours). I am so excited!!! My friend Larry and I were conversing about Beyonce's PR and how much of a fool they are. All of Beyonce's new album (in its entirety) is on her MySpace page and have been available for legal ringtone downloads for Verizon, for the past few weeks. WTF? I mean I love that I have a feel for the album that's coming out in less than two hours but get it together PR person. Sasha Fierce, fire them ASAP. I should be your PR! I would never do that to you. I love you!
(Woooohuh!) I had to let that out, I'm sorry. I just saw the men's basketball team lose to UCONN; there was like a 40 or 50 point lead for UCONN. At least we tried. Oh it snowed today for like 5 minutes! I was almost in tears. I LOVE WINTER! It holds my second favorite holiday...CHRISTMAS! (My first favorite holiday is my birthday, Aug 19Th, and my third is Halloween). Anywho, it's time for tomorrow's inspirational quote. Here it goes:

"Make sure to smile today. Smile at people you know and don't know because something as simple as a smile can mean the world to someone in need. But don't just gape your lips, make sure to make every smile as precious as the last."

On that note, I want you all to keep your heads up and make sure your roommates take singing lessons. Stay true.

Gabriel Anderson