Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dante's Bowling

I'm glad you stopped by duckie. Yes, I know. I've been slacking a bit on posting daily entries. But duckies, the life of a celebrity is never done; you aren't going to be happy until I have to be hospitalized for exhaustion. (That would be so cool by the way. Very A-list!)

On the topic of exhaustion, I am tired of looking for love.

I of all people should know this, since I am an avid believer in "The Secret." It's such a good book. (If you haven't heard, read or owned's the link: Anyway, back to me. Love isn't meant to be found. Love is meant to ravish you when you least expect it. Love is when your emotions rape you of logic and you can't seem to stop smiling whenever you hear your lover's name.

On the other hand, I (think) just like the idea of a boyfriend, to be honest. But when I do "stumble" onto a boyfriend, I want a trophy. I know looks aren't everything (for others) but I don't want anything that will hurt my eyes either.

Speaking of horrible news, my son-son Dante transferred. He's (officially) a non-University of Hartford student. I flipped out on him (so bad) when he delivered the news...because it was two days ago. I was loony like Bridezilla-style. I asked myself why I was being such a d*ck and it all made sense. I love Dante (BROMANCE!) so much that a day without him is a day without complete euphoria.

I love you Dante. I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Even though we were on the phone not that while ago...DON'T BE A STRANGER!

On the topic of friends, Monica, Graham and I made a Wal-Mart trip and I was the self-appointed iPod DJ. I got them onto the newest single by the Ting-Tings, "That's Not My Name."

(Here's the music video link: The Ting Tings are so hot.) The song is so catchy and by the time we reached Wal-Mart we were all jamming, adding our own little sassy ad-libs. It was a blast.

Speaking of blast, the other night several friends and I went bowling. It was the $hit. I only scored 98 (what am I blind?)...but I was in third place. Everyone in the bowling alley stared at us whenever we bowled because we were genuinely cherry and overly enthusiastic, no matter how many pins we knocked down.

It so happens that all of us who went bowling are Red Caps. (orientation student leaders who wear Red Caps and are the best people you'll ever meet. SHOUT OUT TO RED CAPS '08!) We had to tend to Winter Orientation today (for Spring freshmen and transfer students) and it made me miss past summer orientation sessions. Shout out to class of 2012 and transfer students. Welcome to Hartford and the first day of the rest of your life!

In other news, I think someone tried to break into my room. I was washing one of my knives, left in the sink by someone other than myself, and I noticed these weird scratch markings near the tip of the knife. On my way back to my room something tells me to look at my door's lock latch and I see identical markings on the latch that were on my knife!!!

I know someone better cut this $hit out because I will go Sasha Fierce on you, dancing on your face without missing a count of choreography to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Speaking of my apartment, my mystery suitemate left his rice cooker on the counter, with rice in it...since last semester. For some strange reason, I take off the lid and stuck my fingers into the be welcomed by sweaty feet-scented, month-old rice!!!

I have no idea why I drove my fingers into the (seemingly-solid) rice. It smelled like a basketball team had an orgy with hot, safari wildebeest lol.

Off to good news, let's get to the quote of the day for Jan 21st:

"Lamps are tools that illuminate a path for people to follow. Instead of following the "lamps" of others light your own path; lead by example."

I'm back in the flow so I'll be able to keep up with the posts. Okay, I'm legit falling asleep. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson