Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"O' Christmas reef, O' Christmas reef..."

Hello there beautiful. I am less than two hours away from my second favorite holiday, Christmas. As said before my favorite holidays go as follows:

1) My Birthday

2) Christmas

3) Halloween

(I was Rev. Phelps...see the gold cross! lol)
Anywho, for the past two years my mother has grown sick of Christmas trees. We usually get a huge pine tree but as you know pine trees shed like animals. Plus, when we throw it out it leaves such a mess, on its way out the door. And guess who has to clean it up? Oh yea...yours truly. Anyway, she's substituted the tree with a decorated reef, surrounding by glamorous stockings. To further illustrate my point, here's a picture.

Look at how many gifts there are. It's like Mt. Glamorous! My mom bought like $15 wrapping paper; who does that? I must admit the gifts do look chic. (Back to me!) I don't even wrap gifts. I just have the sales clerks at Bloomingdales wrap my gifts or I ask for gift boxes and tissue paper. I don't do labor. Besides that, look at the stockings; mine is the one circled (the body is black and the top has this fabulous print, with a crystal dangling from it.) I love my life.

In other news, Beyonce is coming out with a new movie...and she's not singing!
(Who knows? Maybe she's on the soundtrack. lol)

The movie is called "Obsessed" and it's coming out in Spring '09.

(If you wanna see the trailer here's the link:

It looks soooooo good. Beyonce is in a thriller movie and she gets to fight Ali Larter. How awesome is that? Plus, (in th trailer) it she looks like she's holding her own in her role. (Not like Mariah Carey in her movie "Glitter.") lol

Speaking of glitter I finally folded my laundry today (mind you I did laundry last week Monday) and I sorted them out before folding them. After folding them I was putting them away in my mesh drawers and I found my (lost) white shirts. I thought I threw them away because I used to wear them to work and the underarms began to birth...prints lol. However, I looked closely at the underarms and...glitter was there! Not just on one shirt but all of them and it was only in the underarm area. The verdict is in, I'm an angel! I sweat glitter.
With that being said let's get to the quote for Dec 25th:
"Be thankful for everything you have because others don't possess the same. Anything and everything in your life is yours for the keeping and they're there for a reason. The powers that be dish out drama because if life were easy it would be boring. From now on, whenever someone makes things difficult for you thank them."
Oh, I made this new drink called "The Sandro Clause." It's Eggnog with a shot of XO Cafe Patron. Try it. It's divine! I'm falling asleep right now but I won't allow myself to. I'm gonna go get some coffee before I miss the first minute of my favorite holiday. In my house we open our gifts at 12:01am so I need to go shoot up some caffeine. I wish you the best of happiness. Have a sassy holiday!
Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

I Am...Gabriel Fierce

Well hello beautiful. Today was such a glorious day. It was my last day of work of 2008, (I'll be back Jan 5th). However, the train rides back and forth were experiences in themselves. It was around 8:15am.
I was on my way to work and a lady comes onto the train and sits down right next to me. Everything is fine. She looks nice and she was reading a book. But as soon as I took a deep breath...I could smell alcohol on her. Not like on her breath but like coming from her pores. This lady was beyond drunk. She seemed functional but it smelled like I was sitting next to Amy Winehouse.

Luckily my stop was close enough that I wouldn't be drunk from inhalation. But the train ride back was even more of an experience.

I was reading Beyonce's interview (I'll get into details a bit later) and the doors open to the 125th Street station, and this lady rushes in and plops beside me. (Why do I attract crazy NYC women? Someone please tell me before I'm fondled. Anyway...) She wakens me from my Beyonce trance but its okay; rush hour is brutal and expected. I move on with my life and my eyes find the sentence they leaped from. Minutes pass by and I'm almost done with the article when the lady my direction. And get this...she doesn't even cover her mouth.

She looked like she was trying to swallow a small child.

On top of that, her breath smelled like a mixture of hot dog water and fresh $hit. Fortunately, Beyonce was there to console me.

Speaking of Beyonce, I was proud of her article in "Giant." Her mother Tina (I found out from my friend Monica that her real name is Celestine) is hilarious. She was talking about how she would protect Beyonce when she was younger and if she got mad she would go into this "mama-bear/fight mode." When I read that quote I laughed out loud on the train. I couldn't contain I couldn't let the magazine hold a beautiful picture of Beyonce. The picture is now on the cork board, in my office at HarperCollins. My office is now complete lol.
Also Beyonce released two new videos:




What I appreciate about her artistry is that she can come out with something beautiful and new, without making a flop. And for all those Beyonce/Sasha protesters...f%ck you. Like Beyonce, I like trying new things but my ex Nick is back in my life. Even though I do have strong feelings for him, I have to be realistic. We're only going to be this close to each other until mid-January because that's when break ends and where reality sets in. I can't function on a long-distance relationship. I'm sorry. But having Nick around right now (he knows exactly how I feel) is just like having a teddy bear you know will always be there for you, as you will for it.

With that being said, let's get to the quote of the day for Dec 24th:

"Be realistic when setting goals because reality is relentless. However, this should not hinder you from believing in yourself. Only set goals you are willing to fully commit to."

It's getting late and I still have some business to tend to. I can't f$%king believe it's Christmas Eve right now! I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true kids.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson