Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Life on the spin cycle

Hello again.  (God, you're beautiful.)  I am back home in New York City and it's been marvelous.  I haven't really done anything thus far on my thanksgiving break.  However, laundry and cleaning house (literally) is a handful.  First, I need to share with you my feelings about coming home.  As college students know parents have the tendency to redesign your room when you're away at school.  Well in my case, my entire family has had a hand in the designs.
(this is not a picture of my actual room...but you should get the point)
My little sister's Coach sneakers and knitting material were in my room, my mother's Bloomingdales bills were on my desk, my uncle's bank statements were on my desk as well and my little sister babysits two messy children, that frequent my video game collection and bed.  This is highly unacceptable!  I don't go into their rooms and leave my belongings where I please; the nerve!

Anyway, life in the big city is as good as you make it and I'm washing clothes,  go figure.
Do you see how beautiful my city is?  It's gorgeous!
I just wanna say when I'm 26, in my loft in SoHo, approving the final manuscript layout for the next issue of Details Magazine to be published the next day (since I'll be editor-in-chief), I'm sure I won't be doing my own laundry.  I hope you all have goals and wish to achieve them sometime soon because a wasted dream is the worst thing to own.  With that being said, here is the quote for today, Nov. 24th:

"A goal's main purpose is to be achieved.  If it isn't achieved then it becomes a wasted idea.  Never lay a goal to rest because someone else might have other plans for it."

You better chase those goals until they become reality.  That's what I'm doing and I wish you all the best with your goals.  Make a million a reality.  Stay true.

Gabriel Anderson