Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Disconnectedly Beautiful

Duckies! I am beaming with ferocity at 2:28am and I'm never going to stop. I woke up to a rainy day and I decided to not let it hinder my happiness. I am a bit stressed (I must admit); however it motivates me. To negate the gloominess of today's weather I donned a pink polo. Nothing stops me from enjoying life!

In addition to this Blackbird (my BlackBerry Storm) was acting funky today. Some of my people-friends called and asked me if my phone was alright because they couldn't send me any texts. I tried calling Mommy (as a part of my daily routine) and I was directed to the automated financial line for Verizon Wireless...Daddy forgot to pay my bill!

(Cue the sassy, dramatic music!)

But I think it worked out for the better. (Did I really just say that?! lol) Duckies, being disconnected from the world made me focus less on pleasing the masses and more on getting my life together. I feel like I've been in shambles for the last couple of days and today I realized my BlackBerry weighed more than I thought. It was very primitive though, sending emails from a library desktop computer but I was less of a mess today. Thank you Daddy? lol (I really need my phone though; I can't RSVP for lunch without it.)

With my BlackBerry blues, I was able to focus on my paper for my Rhetoric of Gender Activism class. In my paper I am juxtaposing the "nowadays" feminist, by use of protagonists from my two favorite movies: "Devil Wears Prada" and "Legally Blonde."

(In this photo: Anne Hathaway as "Andrea Sachs")

(In this photo: Reese Witherspoon as "Elle Woods")

Both of these women represent the challenges of the average woman and their struggle to be seen as equals in their given field. In addition to this, I conducted a survey (of 5o random people) on how college students relate and view modern-day sexism. (The paper is due Wednesday so if you'd like to read it I'll be happy to give you a copy after Wednesday.)

Anywho, Josh (my roommate) just gave me a fortune cookie and it was very rewarding.

It read: "Watch your character for it becomes your destiny." Mr. Fortune, you know me. I love my life. Thank you for the encouragement.

Speaking of encouragement, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"When looking back at a beginning you realize the things you endured were worth it. Through the struggle and strife you managed to come out on top and if you didn't, a lesson was learned: It's never too late to start anew and remember...it's never too late to grow."

I just checked my email and I got some splendid news! I just accepted an offer for a preceptor position for a freshmen course next semester!

A preceptor is kind of like a teacher's assistant but not as pronounced. It's more like being an older honor student that aids other students in the course, while completing more demanding tasks. (Think of Emmet's position to Professor Callahan in "Legally Blonde.")

I am so excited for the future and I can't wait to kiss tomorrow.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies!

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson