Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Going Gaga

Duckies, I've just realized that I don't like office jobs. You sit there all day and you follow orders from...Baklahdah. The powers that be above you make you subordinate to life's precious gems. I feel like this kid right here.

I just don't give a damn right now. I've been slaving for my "elders" to follow the path of the way to careers. I don't want that path. I want to be invigorated, stimulated, challenged by life, on my own path, everyday. I don't want to be cushioned through boredom. (I love it half-heartedly.)
It's time for emancipation. Time to let us feel struggle and love and solitude of our own hearts.
Break free duckies!

By the way check out this Lady GaGa song "Vanity." Click here to listen to it via YouTube. It's a doll. The rhythmic feel, lyrics and life-rewarding seconds really open your eyes to life.

Stay Glamorous Kids,
Gabriel Anderson