Friday, February 13, 2009

Commercialized Love

Duckies, duckies, duckies. I am on cloud nine. I am currently single but I am so married to myself. I'm so in love that I find myself giggling when people sass me.

I'm like a sassy little schoolgirl who laughs when people throw Elmer's glue at me. lol

Anyway, today is Friday the 13th (oOoOoOo) and people are freaking out. I don't believe in bad luck because once you believe in it, it gains power over you.

(Story Time, yay!)
Well one day it was raining and I didn't feel like waiting until I got outside to open my umbrella;I was so over the rain. So I open my umbrella indoors and OMG...

people started running away from me like I had leprosy. (Even some of my friends ran away!!!)
Why fear this day of all days? What's so scary about "13?" It's just a number. Many movies have been made about it (Friday the 13th) but come on. Let's grow up! How do you think the number 13 feels?

Speaking of feeling, I found an angel. Edie from HarperCollins is going through a life-changing experience and she is still helping me out; making sure that I get an internship with HarperCollins.

How precious is she? You're fantastic at life, Edie!

Since we're talking about precious things...I have two precious duckies in my life. Whenever I see them I am filled with pure joy. Whenever I speak to them I can't help but smile. When we hug, I feel electricity surging through my veins. It's marvelous to be around Lesley and Tamara. Today, when I was walking in Gengras Student Union I saw an old friend selling Valentine's Day goodies (for UHAGC: University of Hartford Gospel Choir). I was persuaded to donate money for a gift and I had no idea who I was going to give the gift to; my mind was drawing a blank. I'm trying to think and I end up turning to the right and I see...beautifully, bubbly Tamara. (God had sent me a sign!)

Seeing her made me love Valentine's Day even instead of just buying one gift, I bought one for Lesley too! I love those girls; their presence evokes the warmth of the Sun. Happy Valentine's Day Eve duckies!

In other news, I've recently been adopting a new style. I am obsessed with Hobo Chic attire.

It's basically dressing like a hobo, without the odor or unemployment. You basically mix and match layers and believe in the outfit. Not everyone can pull off the look...this is not for beginners duckies! Beginners usually end up looking like this...

Anywho, I was at the library not too long ago and I decided to start blogging there (before I got kicked out because the library closes at 6pm on Fridays. WTF?!) But I love big screens.

(Actual picture...look how big the screen is compared to my fedora. Huge and obnoxious. Rar-Rar! My laptop is a 17". I wanted a 22" but my Mom said "no.")

Anyway, when I was blogging the computer was taking sooooooo long to load pages. I was getting so pissed off. I guess the library didn't focus on depth (like functionality and Internet speed) but focused more on "oOoO, this is pretty." I guess it worked because I was lured lol.
Oh my friend Porsha says she hates people who use the group computers (the big one I was using by myself) so I just want to give her a shout-out; telling tell her that I was on the big screen computer, blogging & on Facestalking people. (OoOoOo, word of the week.)

The Word of the Week is:

Facestalking - the act of closely observing the life of another through Facebook; creepily conducting research on someone's personal life; a good way to procrastinate from doing homework.

Ex: "Girl, did you read Gabriel's status?"
"Of course I did. I started Facestalking him right after he changed it."

Okay duckies, it's time for today's "Words of Sassdom:"

"Opinions are faulty things. Do not believe in what others perceive because perception is deciphered by experience and you may not have the same experience as another duckie. Think and experience for yourself."

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and so many people hate it. Alyssa made a great point the other day:

"Valentin's Day is kind of silly. Why should you show me more love on a particular day just because people say you should?! Show me some love on February 15th."

(I'm sure that's what she said...well at least along the lines of.)

But some people just flat-out hate it, like my friend Rebecca.

For all those who hate Valentine's Day, I apologize for the asshole that ruined such a beautiful commercialized holiday for you.

Happy birthday Ernie! (Your b'day was yesterday but I'll be at your party tonight!)

Also, shout-out to Justin. Happy Birthday, GROUP D!!!

Duckies, it's about that time for me to get ready for my A-list weekend. Happy (early) Valentine's Day and enjoy your weekend.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Gabriel,
Gabriel Anderson