Sunday, December 7, 2008

Microsass Marathon

This weekend has been an experience.  From freshmen girls nearly dying, to Red Cross sassing me, this weekend has tested my endurance.  I'm usually stressing out about how busy I am but whenever I'm not stressing about something, I don't know what to do with myself.  Today I just slept until noon, went to brunch with my (freshman) son Dante, napped and then started a movie marathon.  I watched: 
"Tropic Thunder,"
 "Old School,"
and I'm toward the end of "The Virgin Suicides."
All three movies are great.  However "The Virgin Suicides" is the artiest.  It's so deep, filled with beautiful fantasies, riveting themes and (sometimes) inappropriate humor.  Not to mention Kirsten Dunst isn't a good girl (at all) in this movie.  It's pretty much the epitome of the teenage mind...(of course) minus the five suicides that occur in the movie.

Anywho, recently my computer has been acting up so I decided to delete recently downloaded programs that I haven't been using.  One of them happened to be Microsoft Office Professional 2007 (Trail).  I downloaded this (even though I already had Microsoft Office Home 2007 Edition) because Microsoft Office Professional 2007 (Trail) has a program I needed to design a brochure, Microsoft Publisher.  Anyway, long story short when I uninstalled the Microsoft Professional 2007 (Trial) and it somehow uninstalled all of my Microsoft programs.  Quickly thinking I called my friend Angela, who lives off campus and happened to have the Microsoft Office Home 2007 CD.  Being the beautiful person that she is Angela came onto campus and gave me the CD.  We chatted it up for a bit about the old times...we used to be the "bestest" of best friends.  I still love and treasure our friendship.

(I just popped in "The Fast and the Furious,"
 woooooohuh!  A new one is coming out and I can't wait.  I loved the last two and when I saw the preview for the nipples got hard lol.  It was hysterical.)  Anywho, let's get to the quote of the day for Dec 8th:

"If you know you've done the right thing and the world has turned it's back on you, smile.  Karma is a thirsty wolf and supper will be served in your benefit.  Good always prevails, if you believe it."

With that being said I'm gonna finish watching "The Fast and the Furious," so my dreams can leave tread-marks for my waking self to follow.  Stay true pretties.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson