Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fried Ice Dreams

(In regards to my last post, I apologize to the eloquently-mannered blind folk that govern themselves with humility.  Your obnoxious counterparts need to SEE your brilliant example.)

It's nice to see you again good-looking.  I'm just getting in from a long night out.

(I'm eating Breyers Fried Ice Cream right now and it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.)  

My night went like this:
First I went video game shopping with my uncle and mother at the GameStop store by my house.  I got the new Sonic game, "Sonic Unleashed."  I can't wait to play it tomorrow.  I picked up a pillow speaker from Radio Shack too.  I can't wait to jam to Beyonce in my dreams! ("If ya liked it, then ya shoulda ring on it. Woah-oh-oh!"  If you don't know where these lyrics are from, I am disappointed.)  I planned to meet up with my friend Aiden, downtown at his job but before I left to meet him I looked at my bed, to see two free AMC Movie Theater movie passes.  Santa is real because no one confessed to who put them on my bed.  Anyway, I picked them up and sprayed on my cologne
 (Narciso Rodriguez) 
to be sassed by my mother, asking: 
"What cologne do you want for Christmas?  I'm over this one." 
LOL, we both laughed together because she's the only person that can sass me without question. 
During the train ride to Aiden's job this guy came onto this train with bandages and a hospital bracelet.  He looked so nonchalant with his smiling girlfriend and his pink socks.  He looked a mess.  But this mess was incredibly feminine, effortlessly masculine and powerful, all rolled into one package.  He reminded me of Brad Pitt from "Fight Club," when he wears that women's bathrobe around the house.  Bandage-bracelet guy was sexy and he knew it.  You go Glenn Coco!

 (Brad Pitt in "Fight Club," wearing his messily-sexy women's bathrobe.)
Later on I met up with my friend Aiden and we had a ball, as we usually do.  We caught up on old times, new times and planned future times.  (He is truly my other half.)  We saw "Role Models" and it was pure laugh-out-loud hilarity, from start to finish.  I can't wait for it to come out on DVD.  Jane Lynch's character said "don't sass me" during the movie and I couldn't control myself.  I almost fell on the floor.  But what happened after the movie floored me o' so gingerly.  
My ex-ex (that means to ex's ago) Alfred keeps telling me these false dreams that I've recently stopped believing.  He keeps saying the same s%$t but I'm not giving him life anymore.  I'm not looking back again because I realized why he's an ex-ex.  The past is meant to be acknowledged, not relived.  Speaking of looking back let's get to the quote for today:

"When envisioning a goal, do not create a back-up plan.  Back-up plans invite failure and they influence less concentration on the success of the goal.  See it through and success will come."

On my way home my dear friend Scott was on the train.  I was so shocked to see him; I couldn't stop smiling.  He's changed for the better and I love when that happens.  He's still sassy and sarcastic...but I love that about him.  Scott, you're a beautiful person and it was delightful to see you.  Good-lookings, I'm gonna call it a night.  Happy Pillaging-of-Native-Americans Day c.k.a. (commonly known as) Thanksgiving Day.  So what if you eat a lot; you deserve it!  You're beautiful.  Stay true pretties.

Gabriel Anderson