Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Appropriated Sass

Hello duckies. I know all is well because that's how life should be lived. A lot has happened and a lot of sass has been dished out...even by me, (I know shocker!) lol. Anywho, let's get down to business.
Remember how I did my laundry on Friday afternoon...well I finally folded and put my clothes away just now!

My clothes felt so good that it reminded me of this Robot Chicken skit. (So funny...and inappropriate. Caution: This video is appropriately inappropriate lol! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBXzFvRdGXw)

Speaking of inappropriately appropriate I dropped a class yesterday. It was my Professional Editing class.

This may not seem like a positive so let me explain. I recently finished up an internship with HarperCollins over Winter Break and I forgot to do the paperwork to enable me to get credit for it. I had no idea that I had to register for the internship as I normally would for a regular class. Since I dropped a class (leaving me with 15 credits for the semester) I have room for 3 more credits (I'm getting three credits for my internship). Ergo, I'm going to show my RPW advisor my work from my internship and I'm going to be awarded my "lost" credits. I practically did professional editing during my internship so it shouldn't be a problem, just a matter of paperwork. Yaaaaay! (Shout-out to Rockstar for dropping a class and bitching at administration too. Yea, blogger-rebels!)

In other news, this weekend was too eventful for me. (I'm so tired and my sleep clock is off.) Anywho, my A-list friends (Maria and Liza) & I decided to embark on an adventure, throughout the campus village...in the middle of the night!

Unfortunately, everyone in the village had enough common sense to be inside their respective rooms (or having one night stands in other rooms..oOoOoOo) when we decided to venture the icy terrain. However, on our return to Maria's and Liza's apartment we met some new people and conversed with friends, right outside their apartment. Sometimes the closest things are what we need.

In regards to proximity, my A-list people-friend Elle Fox landed a new job at Amy Ruth's, a chic uptown soul food restaurant. Yaaay! Anywho, guess who was there? Duckies, brace yourself...COMMON WAS THERE THE NIGHT SHE WAS HOSTING! Like WTF? A world-renown A-lister was at her job. But it wasn't the greatest experience. (Don't sass me Elle, I'm making a point because I love you.)
Well, Elle was outside smoking a cancer stick (I recently stopped so I'm in the red too) and Common said something along the lines of:

Common is A-list so that brand of sass is appropriate. He was only looking out for Elle so later on in life they could become people-friends. Yaaaay Common!

But not all celebrities are nice.

I had a dream the other night and Diddy was in it. I don't really remember what was happening but I woke up ashamed because Diddy was sassing me for no apparent reason.

Way to be a dream-jerk Diddy!

Anywho, I have a new thing I'd like to add to The Sass Corner. Sometimes I am so proud to be a student at the University of Hartford because some people dress incredibly well on campus. (Shout-out to the A-list wardrobe regulars: Rockstar, Alyssa, Graham, Monica, Gabriel Anderson-yes that was a shameless plug lol-and Bill.) I'm practicing my paparazzi skills because in order to understand them, you must become them.
I was standing in line at the local campus deli, Dialogues, and this girl had a fabulous pair of Uggs!
The "Jetsetter Look of the Week Award" goes to:
*Random hot side-zipper Ugg girl. You are a jetsetter!
(*Photo taken on my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Storm. OoOo, watch out!)
I've never seen Uggs so fabulous and full of such glamour-jazz; you go Glenn Coco!

Enough already...it's time for the quote of the day, Feb 9th &10th:

"Thinking of the worst case scenario invites the probability of catastrophe. Think of the best outcome possible and it (or something very close) will happen. Positive thinking is key."

OH! I have a bone to pick with Mommy. Well I told her to catch up with my blog entries because I gave her a birthday shout-out and she called me, right after reading it and the conversation went along the lines like:

Me: Did you love the new blog entries?
Mommy: Of course I did. Thank you so much for the shout-out!
Me: Did you read the other blog entries too; have you been keeping up?
Mommy: No, I just read my shout-out and that's it.
Me: OMG, I hate you so much that I love you.
Mommy: I love you too, Skank!

I love that woman so much. And more importantly, I love you too duckie.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson