Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Been Awhile

Hello duckies! I'm back. I am sorry for the lack of posts. But today I feel like I'm on top of the world; life is giving me great vibes and rewards.

I have been swamped with so much superb life energy that I haven't been able to sit still. I'm finally chest cold-free and I feel awesome; Manufactured Defects called us On Air last night; I love life; I love Lady Gaga!

(SIDE NOTE: I feel kind of selfish but specially rewarded right now. This group needs a big pod computer and they asked how long I'm going to utilize the computer and I said I'd take a few hours. Guys, blogging is my life. Be considerate of my passion. K. Love you. Bye)

First thing, Manufactured Defects called Rockstar and I's radio show last night! (Shout-out to Josh and Jed for calling in!) They are such amazing people and we love them. Their music is amazing and if you didn't tune into the show last night you missed out on something spectacular.

Josh plays the guitar and does lead vocals and Jed (trooper!) plays drums and contributes to harmony and blending vocals. They are insane. We played their music, had a few laughs and it was an all-around Bromance. Rockstar and I are going to make them what they deserve to be. They are humbled and extremely talented individuals and the fiery passion that burns in them will soon devour the Billboard charts. Play on Man Def!

In other news, my friend Kyle is moving to Cali--with like the rest of the A-List crew--and we are always on the phone for hours. We were on the phone until daytime minutes 6AM! WTFIGO?! Anywho, we both have (get ready for it) psychic abilities.

I am not crazy (says the blogger with the demon inside of him lol). I always have impeccable timing when it comes to decisions I believe in. It's as if the world sends me a big signal for me to execute its will. It can be a bit mind-boggling and create a mass of anxiety in the middle of your chest--no I do not have chest problems lol--but it's amazing. I can give people positive energy...but when I'm mad I blackout. That's when Baklahdah takes his cue and punishes those who sass.

Anywho, I did laundry on Tuesday afternoon and OMG it made my life. I saw clothes that I haven't seen in ages. I forgot I had such beautiful garments waiting to be washed and worn. Wooohuh! So while I'm doing laundry I notice a spill of detergent and water: it was pretty much a slippery lawsuit waiting to happen.
Anyway, I'm walking back and forth, putting my wet clothes into different dryers--(memo to duckies: I usually have to use four washing machines and four dryers to complete one laundry session lol)--and people were darting across the laundry area to get dryers. But unlike everyone else, I had to be the one who slipped on the slippery cocktail. I didn't fall duckies, I did a gravity-defying split...twice!

It was pretty graceful and embarrassing...but I'm a survivor and I love life.

Ok. We need to get to the "Word of the Week."

The new Word of the Week is...
Pit-Stop Friends - People who benefit your life for an interval of years and afterwards your friendship falters dramatically; place holders for future people-friends.
"My pit-stop friends were the people that molded me. I am now a great people-friend to my fellow A-Listers because of it."

Wooohuh! Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom!"

"Never let yourself down. It is useless and malicious to believe that you can actually dissatisfy your own potential. Mistakes are the kisses of success. Success drives you and the true belief in yourself will extract success from your inner-self. Keep believing duckies."

OH SASS! I need to get Lady Gaga tickets.

She's coming to Six Flags on May 3rd and I was asked by a special gentlemen to go with him! (I will give you the scoop on his A-List status later.)
But anyway duckies I have to go. Quoron--sitting right next to me, so the group doesn't come over here and take this pod computer--and I are going to lunch now.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

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