Saturday, December 27, 2008

That's All Folks (for now)

Hey pretties.  I know all is well.  Kids, doesn't it feel so amazing to be on vacation?  I mean unlike others, this is the beginning of my actual Winter Break; I started working Dec 16th and it isn't all hugs and kisses.  I've been working my a$$ off, from 8:30am to 5pm every business day.  My last day for 2008 was Dec 23rd and I'm on break until Jan 5th!  So guys, I will see you in 2009.  I love sleeping and doing nothing when I get the chance.  So I'm going to abuse this vacation like a stepchild.  I love you all.  Here's a quote to live by until 1/05/08:

"When desperation knocks on your door, let it in with open arms.  However, do not feed it what it needs (anger and confusion).  Kill the negativity with kindness and I'm sure it will vanish before your eyes."

Enjoy your break pretties.

Peace, love & Obama
Gabriel Anderson