Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Mid-Winter Night's Sass

Hello duckies. Yes, I am trying to be on-point with my posts. I'm going to (try) and make this a habit. Off to business!

So I just got from a gathering of A-list buddies; Graham, Roger, Kit-Kat, Derrick, Alex, Lex, Kiley & Carol. I love chit-chatting with fellow (future) A-listers. So much fun. Anywho, it's Roger's birthday today!

Yaaaaay! Happy birthday duckie! You're fabulous and your eyes make me want to exhale happiness. You are beautiful...this is your day so take it duckie!

In regards to the A-list gathering I must say I am happy that Alex is my Valentine this year. It seems as though A-listers never have a Valentine, only if they're dating someone (go figure). You think celebrities would have valentine candidates throwing themselves at them...nope! The Z-listers always couple with their lovers. (Booo Z-listers!) Anywho, I am going to treat Alex to some valentine goodness from Jacques Torres,

who is a fine 'chocolatuer;' if you watch "Gossip Girl" they love his hot chocolate boutique in SoHo. Yaaaaay A-list Valentine. You're going to love it Alex!

On the other side of the spectrum, you know what I find disgusting? It repulses me when I walk into a bathroom to relieve myself of daily find urine on the toiler seat!

I mean guys come on, no matter what the "length of your nature" aim is pertinent. There needs to be a class called "Urinal Practice 101" because I'm tired of wiping after people, before I even get a chance to wet the seat. (Sometimes I wet the floor but I wipe it up.) Let's keep it classy male-duckies!

Speaking of classy, in my previous post I mentioned me doing laundry yesterday. Well, I love doing laundry because your clothes smell like an angel took a shower in your garments. However, I (absolutely) hate folding clothes. Where's my maid?! Ultimately because I hate folding clothes (especially tonight) I will be sleeping on a COLLEGE mattress, without sheets.

Duckies, I am not crazy; don't worry I have two mattress pads on my bed, one of them being a feather bed. (Feather bed - A mattress pad made of goose down feathers or heavily padded material.) Ergo, I will be sleeping on top of a mattress with two reassuring, A-list cushions. Yaaaaay!

In other news, for the past week I have been compelled to watch "The Devil Wears Prada."

This movie is my soon-to-be career's life! All though I will not be "Andrea," (Anne Hathaway's character) because I have an impeccable sense of fashion and I know exactly how I'm going to develop my career. I love my life and I want every duckie to love theirs too. Appreciate everything, even the "hate" people throw at you because when people throw "hate" this means you're doing a fabulous job!

Okay, I've waited long enough. Let's get to the quote of the day for Feb 7th:

"When setting a goal, remind yourself of your efficiency. A brief 'pep-talk' with yourself (not a conversation because then you'd need psychiatric help) in the mirror reassures yourself of the goal you are to complete; thus saying your goal aloud and repeating it gives it 'life' and the goal will then be accomplished."

For those coming to Day Two of Red Cap tryouts,

believe in yourself and the results you think will surface.

Duckies, I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson