Friday, January 23, 2009

Falling Bathrooms

It's nice to see you again duckie. Life has been dandy and it's getting better with every moment. This semester is going to be interesting and very time-consuming. I'm taking six classes (one of them doesn't start until March The topics of my classes range from (male) vagina monologues, deformed babies, Obama's speech, professional editing, and a timeline of my life. How awesome is that?! However, one of my classes starts at 7:30pm...

on a Thursday evening. Like how ridiculous it that?! On the other hand, my philosophy is I'm going to sacrifice a bit of my college nightlife for the chic adult socialite-status I am to gain, in years to come. Other than that all is well. OH! I received a call from the HR dept. of HarperCollins...for their summer internship program!!!

They would like to conduct a phone interview; it's scheduled for 11am on Friday, Jan 30th. (If I don't pick up the know why lol). My life is falling right into place!

Speaking of falling, the other day I was outside of my apartment (on campus) and this was when it was sort of "hot day" (for Winter) and ice was melting all over the place. Anywho, I look above my buidling's side exit door and I gasped like 83 year-old woman with asthma. There was an icicle, the size of a chair, hanging above the door!

Like wtf?! Someone is gonna die. It's not gonna be me (lol) because I'm not going out like that. I'll kill that icicle before it kills me lol. But seriously, facilities...GET ON THE BALL!


I'd like to give a very special happy birthday to Bill because she's now a part of the 2-1 club!

HAPPY B'DAY BILL (even though I kind of partied with you tonight lol)!

I'd also like to shout-out one of my favorite people, Monica. She said I forgot to give her a shout-out on my blog (on her birthday, Jan 12th). I called her though (that's more heartfelt). Anyway, let's wish Monica a happy (belated) birthday!

I'd also like to shout-out Graham, Roger, Carol, Matt and Annie for being awesome. I had a fabulous time chatting and laughing with you guys tonight.

In other events, I just got back from a party and I really had to use to restroom. So I come to back to my apartment, hanging my coat and placing my accessories in their proper places and on my way to the bathroom I notice Nathan isn't in his room (his door was wide open). Ignoring that I try to open the bathroom door...and I burst in on Nathan dropping his kids off at the pool.

He quickly slammed the door shut. I was so embarrassed, until we laughed it off, minutes later. (Sorry Nahtan!)

We are so overdue for the word of the week. Let's get to it.
The word of the week is:

U-Hoes: Promiscuous persons that attend a university; people who have true scandals; sluts.
Ex. I can't be seen in public with Shannon anymore because just being around that U-Hoe makes me look slutty.

On with the quote for Jan 24th and 25th:

"If thoughts aren't shared and explained then the reasoning behind the thoughts become lost. Speak your mind and elaborate; people can't read your mind! Plus, everyone doesn't think the exact same way you do."

Okay, It's late. I have a life to live in the morning lol. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson