Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Xcellent Weekend

Hello duckies!
My apologies for keeping you in the dark for a couple days. My work schedule heavily influences my blog patterns. I work Monday through Thursday, 9am to 5:30pm and sometime during my work load I find time to share my world with you. Unfortunately, I didn't blog yesterday because I was unable to come into work. (I won't go into details. Just know that my home activities were inconveniently convenient.)
Anywho, my weekend was incredibly glamorous...as usual. On Thursday evening I met up with Elle Fox and her friend--and now mine as well--Nivea. We walked around Harlem for a bit, only to help out Elle's cousin Chanel, who did not have enough money with her for the tattoo she got.

I came into the situation when Elle was heated.
She sassed me a bit on the phone, but she did so unintentionally because the world wasn't dealing her the cards she wanted. She asked me to meet her at her house because I wanted to hang out with her but first she had to get money for Chanel's tattoo. Chanel, sadly enough, received a new Debit card in the mail and didn't know her debit PIN#.
After that rough business, Elle, Chanel and I decided to take a midnight stroll in Central Park. We chatted, danced, spoke about the loss of Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett, and ate the little bit of sustenance we brought to the park.
On our way out of the park we were in deep conversation--the topic leaves me now--but suddenly I spotted a raccoon, in the path ahead of us.

We stopped in our tracks, trying not to bring attention to ourselves. I told Elle and Chanel we should take another exit out of the park. When we started walking toward the other exit, we looked back and saw that the raccoon was stalking us. It had closed so much distance between us since we last saw it behind us. Elle and I looked at each other and started running, full throttle! We weren't trying to get rabies!!!
Unlike Elle and I Chanel protested running and kept her sluggish pace. When Elle and I made it out of the park in one piece I immediately urged her to cross the street with me. Elle didn't want to leave her cousin at the claws of the stalking raccoon but I told her Chanel had legs too and she chose not to utilize them. Ergo, Elle and I waited for Chanel to exit the park across the street.
Moments later, Chanel emerged from the shadowy exit Elle and I used to escape. She was fine but once Chanel crossed the street Elle and I increased our stride for the remainder of the evening. It was indeed a close one. I haven't seen the stalking raccoon since.
On Friday evening Elle invited Nikki and I to her place and had plans to go to a bar. Her friends Pat, Mandy, Nivea and Lee met us outside of Elle's place in Pat's car.

They were all pretty girls: dainty, precious and very sociable. Mandy is a GaGaholic so I instantly fell in love with her.
The night was simply divine. We went to this chic Irish pub aptly named "The Parlour."
It was so alive with beautifully dressed people: gorgeous gals, guys and (of course) our precious faces too.
"Single Ladies" came on and I couldn't help myself.

Everyone at the bar was watching me. Paparazzi were flashing pics and I loved it. It was riveting. I got a slew of compliments from everyone and it was splendid to have experienced that with my dear people-friends cheering me on. Gaga and more Beyonce came on while we were there and we all jammed the night away.
We had an Xcellent time.
The following evening didn't start until 10pm.
On Saturday Ronald, Mommy, Gabriella and I had an impromptu family bowling night. I came in 2nd place the first round but I beat everyone the 2nd round, with a sparkling score of 148.

It was great being around family: eating French fries, breathing the night air, friendly family competition, and hearing the pins fall to their demise.
On Sunday, I slept for most of the day because the best thing you can do for your body is rest when you have leisure time, especially if you're schedule is brutally demanding. My parents decided to have a quaint BBQ in our backyard.

It was deliciously relaxing. I also watched the newest episode of "True Blood" about three times that night. Yes, this episode was that tantalizing.
On Monday I couldn't go to work because of personal reasons. However, the day ended on a great note. My friend let me borrow his copy of Laurell K. Hamilton's "Skin Trade."

Duckies, you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this book. I've been waiting for it for almost a year now. I love Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. I started reading "Skin Trade" on the train and I couldn't stop! It's so juicy. I'm so tempted to clear my desk and read it for my remaining hours at work lol.

OH! Speaking of trains, the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) has hiked the subway/bus fare to $2.25 per swipe.

I swiped my Metrocard today--which only had $4 on it--thinking I was in the clear for my morning and evening commute and BAM! Instead of taking its usual $2 off my Metrocard, the turnstile took an extra quarter. I was not expecting that! Luckily, I emailed Mommy a little earlier and she's going to meet up with me so I can get home. (I woke up a little late today so I didn't grab any money on my way out lol...I learned the hard way today.)
MTA needs to calm down and smell the electricity.

In other news, I think it's time for the "Word of the Week."
The new "Word of the Week" is:
Chult: A young adult on the brink of succumbing to adulthood; a recent college (or soon-to-be recent) college graduate; a person with new gained independence.
Ex: "I've recently gotten into the flow of waking up early. If I wasn't such a chult I'd already be at the top of the corporate ladder, not the social ladder."

I've waited long enough. It's time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"People function by their own motives. You can't really think like other people. You can investigate so precisely into their thoughts that you can't infer your own logic but you'll never know what drives them exactly. Your best bet is to close this distance with communication. Without communication, you'll be stuck in your own ways, trying to mimic others' logic with your own."

Okay duckies, I'm really swamped at the office today. Let me get to work.
I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Like It Rough

Good morning duckies!
I hope all is well because that's how everyday should be. I just got to work not too long ago and I feel amazing. I slept for more than 7 hours last night!

Yay, go me!
Anywho, while I was on the train I saw two of the most random things: a guy with a incredibly pronounced moose knuckle and a penny-pinching lady!
I saw Ms. Penny first.

I was sitting on the train reading Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye," behind my GaGa-inspired shades: they hinder the paparazzi from poisoning my eyes with blinding lights and glares.

Ms. Penny, who was sitting directly across from me on the 6 train, was hardcore jamming to whatever tunes she had on her iPod. Her convulsive movements kept luring my eyes from my book so I decided to give her my undivided attention, while hiding behind my sunglasses.
As the train door opens someone ran out of the train doors (it's New York, it's expected) and dropped a penny in their rush.
Ms. Penny stopped her sporadic dancing and lightning-grabbed the penny. (I swear she caught it before it fell to the ground.)
At first I found it comical that she reacted so viciously quick to something as minute as a penny. But then I realized she made a bold move.

Nowadays, pennies aren't appreciated as much as they used to be, because they can hardly get you anything. They're only good for that irksome thing we call "taxes." With our economy in its current state Ms. Penny was only showing her gratitude for pennies. Pennies, believe it or not, are still accepted by merchants. I don't pick up pennies--unless they're really shiny and are heads-up--but Ms. Penny's actions showed me that small treasures and opportunities are everywhere: we just need to know where to look.

Shortly after Ms. Penny's lightning-grab, a guy wearing a "Print Industries" button-up work shirt walks into the train car and sat right next to Ms. Penny. His hair was braided haphazardly and he--like Ms. Penny--decided the train wasn't only a mode of transportation but also a dance rehearsal venue. He was jamming pretty rough, while reading the New York Times. He was jamming so rough that I had to pause from reading on several occasions to stare at him lol. It was very entertaining...but what I saw next scared me.
When he raised his New York Times I saw his well-pronounced moose knuckle. (For you duckies unaware of what a moose knuckle is, a moose knuckle is a frontal wedgie--predominately produced by men--that occurs when your pants hug your genitals a little too much. It resembles a moose's knuckle.)

Anywho, I often find myself staring at crotch's of men and women but moose knuckles are peculiar cases. It's like watching child birth: nauseating, intriguing, stomach-wrenching, enticing, and just plain wrong.
It wasn't the fact that he was well-endowed that kept me astonished and gazing. It was the fact that it looked painful and he must have known his genitals were being hugged more than a Care Bear hugging a rainbow. If he didn't know, I'll keep him in my thoughts. Mr. Moose Knuckle, I wish you the best with shopping for snugger underwear and bigger pants.

In other news, I feel like I need to start working out again.

The last time I remember working out at the gym was December...it's almost July. Wow, I just realized I've been a lazy-ass for seven months...but a productive lazy-ass nonetheless lol. I mean I did choreograph a dance and have been dancing all summer but that's not the same. I want to increase my endurance, stamina and my inner-core strength before the summer is over. Not to mention, my birthday is coming up: August 19th. (I will be expecting gifts duckies lol).

Speaking of summer, I have another SummerBoy update!

As of yesterday, I'm reviewing a SummerBoy application of this hot dude that lives on the same street as me (he lives no more than thirty feet away from my house). He's funny and rough. By rough, I mean this dude is a dude: straight-up hardcore, masculine, "you-would-never-think-I'm-gay-until-you-catch-me-messing-around-with-your-gay-best-friend" kind of dude. His name is Nigel.
The only bad thing about him is he lives so close to me. He texted me this morning, calling me Mr. Purple Shirt.
Duckies, I'm wearing a purple shirt today!!! That's a little creepy...and hot.
He's only going to be in New York for a couple of months. Nigel is from Florida and he recently inured himself at work, hence him moving out to New York to recover and relax. He says he's fine though. And I don't mind having a sexy neighbor around for the summer. I'm good at helping hotties recover. lol (That was dirty!)

Enough of that! Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"In order to truly appreciate something, you have to understand the circumstances of your life in its absence. Without experiencing the loss of something, you will never really know how credible and invaluable things are to you. Hold onto to your darlings, your "everythings"--even the little things--and show them your relentless gratitude."

Okay duckies, it's time for me to get some work done. I'm going to try to finish four lengthy submissions today. Wish me luck.

I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga
Gabriel Anderson

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Running on Empty

Good afternoon duckies!
I hope all is well because life is meant to be experienced through the lens of optimism and wellness. For the past two nights I haven't been getting much sleep. (Remember the thing I said about how the sleep you got last night will energize you tomorrow?)
Well since I didn't go to bed until 2am on Monday night--I don't blame Beyonce entirely--

--I blame Transformers 2 too! (I didn't go to bed until 3:30 last night!!!)

If you duckies follow me on Twitter, you already know I went to see Transformers 2 at midnight. It was astronomical! It's by far better than the first. The first movie had a lot of dry parts and dialogue, whereas Transformers 2 was all about "in-your-face" action, laugh-out-loud humor, an amazing plot and authentic dialogue. I went with my Mom, Gabriella and Gabriella's friend Rachel.
Job well done Michael Bay!

In other news, I discovered that Gabriella is a genius...

and I'm an incomplete idiot lol.
Five months ago, I purchased a new battery for my laptop. A few months after I bought it I thought it died it because whenever I unplugged my laptop it would immediately shut-off. So being the smart guy I am I figured my battery died out again. I was so mad because I couldn't use my laptop anywhere that didn't have outlets laying around. It was basically on life support: a vegetable to be exact.

Last night Gabriella and I were in the living room, on our laptops. I told her I hated my computer because it was on life support and I couldn't deal with the unbearable heat on my lap. She didn't believe me until I unplugged my laptop and it immediately shut-off. I told her I needed a new battery and I took out the battery and to my amazement everything but the battery was so hot. When I picked it up I said, "I think my battery really is dead. It can't even heat-up anymore."
Gabriella gave it a focused gaze and said "Put the battery back in." I laughed at her and I told her it wasn't going to work. I unplugged the laptop adapter and placed the battery back inside the laptop....and when I pressed the power button it came on!!!
My jaw instantly dropped and Gabriella began laughing her ass off! For months I thought my laptop was a piece of shit...but I was just too dumb to realize I didn't put my battery in correctly.

Duckies, I am so tired. I can't wait for 5:30pm to come around so I can touch my pillow inappropriately.

But until then, here are some "Words of Wisdom."

"When things start to progress, difficulty usually comes into the mix. Sometimes tasks seem unbearable and sometimes you might wanna give up. But remember, if life were easy life would be incredibly boring and what's the point in working hard if everyone is the same? Plus, if you're not tested on your ability to adapt and persevere you'd never know your truth worth and level of endurance. Smile, especially when things get rough. Go out there duckies and show them your worth!"

Okay, I'm definitely falling asleep at work. It's time to get some more coffee. I'm gonna make this day beautiful regardless of my energy.
OH! I just made a quiz of FaceBook. Go and take it duckies!

I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga
Gabriel Anderson

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I AM...Still Speechless

Do I have news for you?! Yesterday was such an eventful day.
I did my usual hours: 9AM-5pm at HarperCollins Publishers. But it felt so long. The hours dragged through so I was chugging coffee like no other.

Once 5pm came around I ran for that door because I had to walk to 63rd and Madison to meet my dad at work...he was holding the Beyonce tickets for me.
After that I had to hurry downtown to pick-up Monica from Penn Station. She recently cut her hair--she told me this on the phone before I saw her--so it didn't register at first. She did look different but I didn't mention it until she reminded me later. (I'm such a bad friend lol)
Anywho, we decided to hit up Chipotle on 34th Street between 8th and 9th Ave...where Graham met up with us as well.

It was fun being around my two favorite people: laughing, chatting it up, and enjoying each others' company.
Soon thereafter, Monica and I began walking to Madison Square Garden. On our way there was a Hamburger Helper vendor giving out free samples to people on the street; this was Beyonce's doing!

Beyonce recently partnered with General Mills and Feeding America to start the SHOW YOUR HELPING HAND CAMPAIGN to help fight hunger. To help the cause, click here to donate. The free samples were absolutely scrumptious.

When we actually got to our seats Monica confessed that she had never seen Beyonce in concert. I was shocked and slightly appalled.

And when she saw how close we were to the stage, she started tearing.
We were in Section 55; Row H; Seats 3 & 4.

And thank God we were close to the stage because Beyonce was phantasmagorical. When the concert started Monica started crying and I told her it was okay: our idol was on stage.
Toward the end of the concert Beyonce slowed it down and I started tearing. And when she started singing "Listen" I couldn't hold back my tears any longer. (I'm actually tearing right now.) She was so beautiful. I've never cried for an artist before...not even Lady Gaga.

Beyonce isn't just an artist. She is a living legend. To be in the presence of someone that can captivate an audience--an audience of Madison Square Garden proportions--so eloquently and fearlessly with their own creations, is a marvelous experience. During the concert I realized why I love Beyonce so much: she's the fire that motivates me to believe in myself.
Lady Gaga is who I want to be: glamorous, truly A-List, and defining new standards. However, Beyonce influences me to tap into my duende and let my inner-fire burn everyone around me. Beyonce teaches me lessons and Lady Gaga shows me how they can be utilized to follow my dreams.
The concert was magnificent: I laughed, I cried (three separate times), I danced, I sang along to all the songs, and I finally became myself again.

Thank you for bringing me back to life Beyonce! (Yaaaay!)

After the concert, Monica and I had a sleepover at my house.

We were both really tired from our exhaustive day...but that didn't stop us from chowing down before bed lol. My mom cooked us whole wheat pasta with shrimp and scallops, topped with homemade garlic pasta sauce. It was delicious.

Sadly enough, Monica and I departed earlier this morning because I had to go to work and she had some business to tend to in CT. But we did take the same train before going our separate ways.
Monica: I had a blast with you yesterday and this morning and I can't wait to see you again when we come back for Red Caps! I miss you already.


In other news, my SummerBoy Perry is no longer in commission...because he's fcuking crazy lol.
I don't think I've shared this with you duckies but I purchased Lady Gaga's issue of Rolling Stone back in May. I read the article and felt so in tuned to what she was saying. She said that she became a Pop Star because she would walk around delusional, thinking she already was a Pop Star. Duckies, if you can't tell I do that everyday lol.

So Perry told me the other day that Lady Gaga follows him on Twitter, just to rub it in my face. I didn't believe him...but when I checked his Twitter I saw he was telling the truth. He said that he tweeted her a message saying how much he loved her article in Rolling Stone and that he loves her music...and BAM, the next week she started following him.
I'm going to be honest, I didn't think that was fair. Perry doesn't really do anything with his life except run errands and go to auditions. I wanted Lady Gaga to follow me too. So I sent her a message saying I really liked her Rolling Stone interview because it inspired me to be me and I've loved her music before it became hot. Perry saw that and texted me (and I quote):


Isn't he crazy? Note: I only started following Perry on Twitter because he begged me for half a day. Plus, he's never seen Lady Gaga in concert nor has he ever met her. Why is he bugging out over a tweet? OH! I'm glad he's gone now too because he told me something very frightening the other day. He told me he hasn't had sex since December because once he starts he can't stop. That's usually not a bad thing...but he really can't. He told me he's never sexually satisfied if he has sex with just one person. He used to be a frequent sex party-goer. He said he would have sex for days on end, without tons of people: he would even miss work!

LOL, I tell ya the gay community is slim picking. They're either hot and crazy, too promiscuous to hold onto or just harmful to the eyes.

I just want a SummerBoy who doesn't need professional help, lol. I already have a pending husband.
(Yes duckies...I'm pre-engaged.)

You remember Nick?
Well I hear wedding bells coming in 2018.
My 20's are about me and Nick knows this...and he knows I still love him. And I know he still loves me because we call each other every night and we both say the L-word before we hang up.
I love you Nick!

Okay, enough of my life. It's time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"To truly love is to truly free yourself from the world. Love isn't easy: it demands courage, selflessness, patience, and endurance. But in order to love others, you have to love yourself. Free yourself from doubt and make sure to show yourself some appreciation before you worship the heart of another."

Okay duckies, I have a lot to do today.
I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga
Gabriel Anderson

Monday, June 22, 2009

Magical Mondays

Morning my precious duckies!
Isn't today just remarkable? Most of you might disagree because you may dislike Mondays. There's actually a physiological reason for your dislike.
The energy you have today is not from last night's slumber...it's from Saturday night's!!!
When you go to sleep your body stores energy for the day after tomorrow. (Example: When you go to sleep on Saturday night, you're actually storing energy for Monday!!!)

It's so weird, right?!
Choose your sleep habits wisely duckies.

Anywho, this weekend was utterly magnificent. (My weekend starts Thursday night, which makes it even more magnificent!)
On Thursday evening I hung out with my dear people-friend Elle Fox at Central Park and that was simply gorgeous. We chatted it up, laughed, slipped on wet rocks--that was me lol--and discussed our future. Hours later our friend Nikki joined us at Elle's house and we had a little dance party on Elle's patio; simply divine!

Just the three of us, having a ball.
Our friend Sabrina came along when the night was surely dying but it was good to see her nonetheless.

On the following evening, Friday, I had made plans with Jamal...which was irrational on my behalf.
Remember how I said he was a maniac? Well some things don't change. He's still unstable (and sexy) but you know what they say: "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice...fcuk you bitch!)

We were texting and calling each other all day, on Friday, (he contacted me first mind you) and everything seemed fine until he invited me over. In his own psychotic way, he was being incredibly indecisive: telling me to come over and when I actually got in a cab and WAITED for him outside of his apartment building, he didn't even come downstairs to say hello!
His dad is staying in his living room because his dad is going through a terrible divorce and he doesn't know his son is gay. Jamal was afraid his dad might find us cuddling--in his room, that does have a functionally lock on it--and then he'd be "outed," so to speak.
A blind man can see how gay you are Jamal!

But this is what I get for messing around with future psych ward patients.
Woooohuh! lol

Luckily, right before I was about to take the train home Aaron called me and asked if I wanted to go out to our favorite bar, Limmericks.
(Yes, Aaron and I have reconciled and we are back to being great friends.)

So I met up with Aaron and a slew of our other friends and we danced the night away. It was so A-List: table-dancing, shots of Jose Cuervo, jukebox bumping, cigarette smoke and realizing the beautiful people around me were still my true people-friends. Simply breath-taking!

The next night, Saturday, my people-friend Antoine (from Queens) threw himself a graduation party. I saw so many old friends and teachers. It was so A-List. When I walked through the door everyone knew who I was and if they didn't they knew me before I left. Antoine's mother cooked a feast for the Gods and the DJ was on point. Graham forced me to request Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and then Naomi stripped me of my hoodie and made me dance in front of everyone.
People were trying to take photos but my friends kept the paparazzi at bay. (My new friend Kimberly did record a video of me on her BlackBerry but I have yet to see it.)
On the whole, it was a great event. High school friends and college friends alike laughed, drank, danced, took new photos for their FaceBook accounts and remembered the times we all still cherish to this day.
It's superbly cleansing to examine the past when we're so close to what lies ahead.

Speaking of Beyonce, Monica and I are going to see her live tonight at MSG!

I AM...so excited! AHHHHHHHH!
Plus, Monica and I are having a sleepover at my house.
I've been brushing up on my lyrics and I'm ready to jam tonight. (I promise I won't upstage Beyonce at her own concert; this is her job. I'll just sway my hips and sing-along. I won't push people out the way to dance in the aisle to "Get Me Bodied" this year lol.)

Speaking of dancing, I haven't been able to stop listening to "SummerBoy" for the past few weeks! And speaking of SummerBoy, I'm still waiting to pick one.
Yesterday, I started talking to a new one....we'll call him Perry. Perry is this very sexy, Hispanic male who is incredibly humorous and adorably sassy. He calls me Sookie because, as you know, I love the HBO series "True Blood." (Last night's episode was phenomenal by the way.)
Well, even though we've only started talking for no longer than a day, I find him to be very suitable and...well-put together. He may even be boyfriend material. However, I am not rushing into anything because relationships demand time & attention, and if you rush love you'll be forced to suffice with an unhealthy dose of lust.

Plus, I loooooooooooooooooove being single. But if the right guy comes around, I'll devote time to him.
Stay tuned for more Perry and other SummerBoy updates.

In other news, I've been thinking about my next move after my Senior year runs its course. I'm going to NYU for grad school but I was thinking of moving into a beautiful brownstone with one (or two) of my stable people-friends.

I want to live with either Graham or Elle...or maybe both.
I need to introduce them to one another. They both have special places in my heart and I think the three of us would make a great team. Not to mention, the three of us are so A-List individually that when we're together, outsiders might fall to the ground and weep from the sheer beauty of our unity.

LOL, enough of this.
It's time for the "Word of the Week."
The new "Word of the Week" is:
Twassing- To use a demeaning tone via Twitter; to sass via Twitter; anything Gabriel Anderson writes on his Twitter.
EX: "When someone leaked Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" before she gave the OK, she was furious. She was twassing everyone, all day!"
(This word of the week was inspired by my dear friend Alicia.)

OH! I almost forgot.
Let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"When disagreeing with another duckie remember that we all have our own opinions. Our opinions are what we believe and if they happen to conflict with our own, it doesn't make them any less of a person. Even though this is your life, others have lives too and they have the right to follow different routes. Be considerate and take time to understand the ways of others."

Okay duckies, I just received another assignment at work. It's time to show them how beautiful Mondays can be!
I wish you the best of happiness. I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time to Dream Seriosuly

Good morning duckies!
Today is my second official day of my summer internship with HarperCollins Publishers and I'm so glad to be here again.

(Technically today would be my third day if I had come into work yesterday. I woke up with a head-cracking sinus headache and a stomach potent with nausea...could you imagine working under those conditions?

Wooohuh! I think not!)

Anywho, it's raining today but I'm not going to let it spoil my magical Thursday.

Speaking of magical days, I've realized that this is my last carefree summer.

Since I'll be a Senior in college this upcoming Fall, this is my last summer of childhood. Next summer I'll be thinking about career moves instead of studying the moves of Ken from Street Fighter 4 for PS3.

Yes, I am 20 but I still live at home and I don't pay any bills. But I'm not looking at this summer as the last season before my "impending doom." Growing up isn't a bad thing: it can be scary but it's inevitable. Recently, for some strange reason my thoughts have been scrambling about and I find myself--at least once a day--asking myself if I'm ready for the real world.
Sometimes I'm unsure but that's okay. I don't know where I'm going to end up after college but I do know this:
I am a dreamer and a thinker. I am a person who can see the Sun waiting behind storm clouds. I will do whatever it takes to show the world my worth and I am not afraid to go it alone.

I am Gabriel, watch me live!

With that being said, I am currently single and I am ready to find me a SummerBoy.

A Summerboy is a boy you only date for the summer (duh!). The relationship between you and the Summerboy may drag on into the Fall...but it rarely works out. He is just a summer fling.
Last year I started a relationship with this kid named Jamal. He was incredibly sexy: beautiful eyes, luscious lips, body of a Greek God, brains of a wizard, sex-drive of a lion, and words sweeter than any August strawberry. We became an item within the first few days of meeting--which could have been the source of our downfall--and dated from July to October. Everything was simple and fun. He met my family and he even came to my 20th birthday dinner at Carmine's, my favorite Italian restaurant!

I soon found out that Jamal was clinically insane. When I went back to school, this past Fall, he kept calling me nonstop. It wasn't the typical "1 to 3 calls and then I'm going to wait for you to call me back." I remember seeing 10 back-to-back missed calls and each call was made every 2 minutes.

I was in dance practice, creating a routine for my school's annual pep rally "Midnight Mania" so I couldn't pick up my phone. But when I did pick up, he was vicious.
(I won't go into details but he was flat-out rude.)

But yeah...I need a new Summerboy.

Speaking of summer, my birthday is 2 months and a day away: August 19th! Remember those lavish plans I blogged about having in mind for my birthday? I'm over it lol. I just want something simple. I would like to have a birthday dinner in my backyard with my close New York friends and family, in the early evening.

Then I would like to proceed (via limousine or party bus) to a chic bar/club--where everyone else who wants to party with me can join--to dance and drink the night away.
Then I'd like to end the night at a strip club. (I've never been to one. I'm curious.)
I just want my 21st to be glamorously simple, yet eventful.

OH! I have some breaking news.

I've been thinking about sexuality, the stigmas and the connotations, and I've realized that I've been limiting myself of true pleasure by not "taking it further" with female partners. I've given males twenty years so I think it only seems fair to give females a try.

Starting today, I'm taking the Gaga pledge. (I just made it up!)
I shall not deny female partners my sexual company any longer. I'm going to test-run this bisexual business and see where it goes. Of course my standards will still be in play so all the ugly ducklings need not apply lol.

Sexuality is just a label. Sex is expression summoned from the contact between two or more persons. Sex is fun. Sex can be rough (love it) but sex is meant to be a mutually pleasurable experience. Other than vaginas, maybe females have something that guys don't quite possess.

It's time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"When you label something, the label you give manifests itself into the idea of it's entitlement. And with entitlement comes biases. Try not to label things with set-in-stone parameters. Think of things as flexible entities because if you limit things, you limit yourself."

Okay duckies, I have four submissions I need to review before I leave today and I'm sure other assignments will come running to my desk.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson