Friday, April 3, 2009

Sass or Dare

OMG Duckies; I'm so scared. I'm at the library blogging right now and all the computers and lights flickered! I feel like I'm in Jurassic Park!

Anywho, before the lights flickered Kari, Steph and I were enjoying Starbursts--courtesy of Steph--and it was just magical.

As you know Starburst come in wrappers and I didn't feel like going to the garbage can, even though it's less than 10 feet away from my computer lol. So Kari dared me:
"Throw it from your seat and if you miss you have to shout 'I farted,' standing on your chair."
"I'll do it but I'm not standing on the chair."

So I aim for the garbage can--not believing in myself--and I miss. And immediately after, I get out of my seat and yell:

Good times!

(Its still raining outside but that has not stopped my internal-sunshine!)

I'm listening to Lady Gaga and the Original Broadway Cast soundtrack of the musical "Wicked"

so I'm keeping my spirits up. But I am tired duckies. And so I Baklahdah.

On our Wednesday class of Gender Activism, Rockstar and I were bored with the class discussion--as usual--and we decided to spice it up. Rockstar always throws (intentionally-offensive) curve balls in class, just to spark the embers under every one's feet. (It's so funny seeing the reactions from people in class...BRAVO Rockstar!)

Since he never means what he says (like "Women need to chill out") I decided to speak up in class too. The topic somehow changed to our Professor's anger issues (we hardly speak about anything gender-related) so I said:
"I don't get angry. My demon, Baklahdah, does. I blackout and my friends tell me my eyes glow."

As if a flip switched, everyone got really quiet--which is a rarity--and the only thing that broke the silence was Rockstar's laughing. I soon joined in and then everyone did too; class continued eventually.

In other news, yesterday I was invited to stop by Alyssa and Kendra's place to chat about our A-List lives and enjoy the feast they prepared. They made so much food and I was so hungry...thank you ladies!
We chatted, we watched deleted scenes from "Twilight" (they were sooooo them!), then we ended the night with "Sex and the City: The Movie."

I haven't seen the movie in ages and OMG...I miss it. (Whoever borrowed it from me, I'm coming to your place with a shotgun! JK...or am I?)

Anywho, we are way overdue for some "Words of Wisdom." Let's get to it!

"The best thing to be is yourself, regardless of the consequence. If you lie to yourself--by disregarding your true character--you're always going to have be on guard for cracks in your facade. Believe in your inner-beauty and people will love you for you."

OH! I forgot to mention that I'm hosting a Poetry Slam on April 6th (this upcoming Monday) at 7:30pm at University of Hartford's Hawk's Nest. Afterward (around 9pm) there's an open bring the talent, the sass, and the ferocity duckies!

Okay, even though my internal-sunshine is beaming brightly I need to go back to sleep.
I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson