Friday, December 5, 2008

No Sass Left Behind

Today was a very good day.  (I was about to type "today" again because it was such a beautiful day lol).  I wasn't sassed today; I repeat, I was NOT sassed today.  What is the world coming to?!  First the economy, then our school's late night market ran out of pickle spears, and now the sass-fountain has a drought; wtf?!  Anywho, the Men's Basketball team won tonight...aow-aow!  Go boys!  In addition, I found out that I'm getting paid for my secret job on campus soon...woohoo!  Also, one of my professors told my class that he's going to cancel our final "on account that we did so well on our papers."  (I love my life, if you haven't noticed lol.)  

I wish all my professors did that because that would be delightful.  And don't give me some lame excuse like "you won't know if you learned anything this semester Gabriel."  Screw that noise!  With that time off I could learn how to drive.  I really need to get on that by the way.  What if I need to make an emergency run to Nordstrom for a sale or to the GoldRoc Diner for a greek omelet (mmm, a Greek omelet sounds so good right now).  As random as it sounds I'm watching  "Baby Mama" right now and regardless how many times I've seen it, my laughs are still fresh.

Anywho, it seems as though everyone around me is in a sour mood.  Not like a sassy mood but a sour mood, sour like sour skittles dipped in sugar and fried in diabetes...and then smeared in unicorn feces.  I think people are catching fukmylifeasitis, a condition in which college students are susceptible around finals week.  Fortunately enough I've never contracted this horrible condition.  The cure is to stay positive and do your work.  Everyone who has caught fukmylifeasitis...get over it.  Stop wallowing in your stress and take your life into your hands.  

With that being said let's get to the quote for Dec 5th:
"Easy is only as you make it.  Things become difficult only when you doubt yourself.  You are the s@it, so take a big whiff."

The secret to life lies within the belief of yourself.  If you get that down the universe will have your back, that's it.  So get over your case of fukmylifeasitis and live your life.  I wish you all eternal happiness.  Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson