Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm A 'Graight' Guy

Evening duckies. Today was the total opposite of yesterday, at work. I had to complete nine contracts for authors and record all the pertinent information. I was on a roll though. I couldn't believe I completed nine contracts (all that were issued to me) on my first day of dealing with them. Tomorrow I think we're going to have a meeting...where I'm going to share my "fresh" ideas for better promotion of the company and the EOS website.
(Here's the link: http://outofthiseos.typepad.com/)
Yaaaaay life! Oh! I met Jocelynn Drake today too. She's a new HarperCollins author.

(This is the cover of her first book, "Nightwalker.")
She is so nice. And she is breath-taking. Yaaaaay! I love when I meet fellow celebrities.

Anywho I've been keeping up with my diet. Well today I had a cupcake so I worked out until my light green shirt was near black. I'll be fine lol. My celebrity inspiration has to be Josh from Drake & Josh on Nickelodeon. He went from...




Whenever I see something in the way of my "I'm-not-gonna-look-fat-in-my-21st-birthday-pictures" diet, I think of Josh's transformation. I was jamming and exercising. Plus Gabriella was hysterical when she saw me do an interpretive dance to Beyonce's "Scared of Lonely." It was very entertaining...and loud (because Granny B started banging on her ceiling).

I was all over the place...just how my mind was on the train.
I think I saw one of my old best friends on the outside of my train. Unfortunately the train doors closed before I even had the chance to call him. Seeing Troy (that's his name) running around in the train station made me miss the times we used to do that. I miss the feeling of having a true-blue, ride or die best friend. It seems like Aaron and I are no longer. We haven't spoken since midnight of New Years. I guess I'm gonna have to get a new best friend because 2009 is too divine to be "bestfriendless."

With my current situation I want to get a reality show. It'll be called Gabriel & Friends. I need a new best friend! Ahhhhhhhhh! Speaking of something new, in addition to the quote of the day I would like to incorporate "Word of the Week" into my blog. It'll be an original word I create. Plus I give you permission to use it. (Most likely people won't know what you're talking about...which is sooooo much fun lol. )

This week's "Word of the week" is:
Graight - (meaning) a mixture of homosexual and heterosexual acts; a state of sexual confusion; deeply abnormal affection for one of the same sex.
Ex: "Oh yeah man, I love that new show "Bromance." But that episode when they were in the hot tub for elimination was too graight for me."

Along with that fabulous new word, I shall share with you the quote of the day (Jan 7th):

"You are your toughest critic and you have more influence on your self-esteem than you think. Look in the mirror today (naked) and love yourself. Without you there would be one less sexy duckie."

I am growing tired. Contracts, cardio and cupcakes take a lot out of me lol. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson