Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time to Dream Seriosuly

Good morning duckies!
Today is my second official day of my summer internship with HarperCollins Publishers and I'm so glad to be here again.

(Technically today would be my third day if I had come into work yesterday. I woke up with a head-cracking sinus headache and a stomach potent with nausea...could you imagine working under those conditions?

Wooohuh! I think not!)

Anywho, it's raining today but I'm not going to let it spoil my magical Thursday.

Speaking of magical days, I've realized that this is my last carefree summer.

Since I'll be a Senior in college this upcoming Fall, this is my last summer of childhood. Next summer I'll be thinking about career moves instead of studying the moves of Ken from Street Fighter 4 for PS3.

Yes, I am 20 but I still live at home and I don't pay any bills. But I'm not looking at this summer as the last season before my "impending doom." Growing up isn't a bad thing: it can be scary but it's inevitable. Recently, for some strange reason my thoughts have been scrambling about and I find myself--at least once a day--asking myself if I'm ready for the real world.
Sometimes I'm unsure but that's okay. I don't know where I'm going to end up after college but I do know this:
I am a dreamer and a thinker. I am a person who can see the Sun waiting behind storm clouds. I will do whatever it takes to show the world my worth and I am not afraid to go it alone.

I am Gabriel, watch me live!

With that being said, I am currently single and I am ready to find me a SummerBoy.

A Summerboy is a boy you only date for the summer (duh!). The relationship between you and the Summerboy may drag on into the Fall...but it rarely works out. He is just a summer fling.
Last year I started a relationship with this kid named Jamal. He was incredibly sexy: beautiful eyes, luscious lips, body of a Greek God, brains of a wizard, sex-drive of a lion, and words sweeter than any August strawberry. We became an item within the first few days of meeting--which could have been the source of our downfall--and dated from July to October. Everything was simple and fun. He met my family and he even came to my 20th birthday dinner at Carmine's, my favorite Italian restaurant!

I soon found out that Jamal was clinically insane. When I went back to school, this past Fall, he kept calling me nonstop. It wasn't the typical "1 to 3 calls and then I'm going to wait for you to call me back." I remember seeing 10 back-to-back missed calls and each call was made every 2 minutes.

I was in dance practice, creating a routine for my school's annual pep rally "Midnight Mania" so I couldn't pick up my phone. But when I did pick up, he was vicious.
(I won't go into details but he was flat-out rude.)

But yeah...I need a new Summerboy.

Speaking of summer, my birthday is 2 months and a day away: August 19th! Remember those lavish plans I blogged about having in mind for my birthday? I'm over it lol. I just want something simple. I would like to have a birthday dinner in my backyard with my close New York friends and family, in the early evening.

Then I would like to proceed (via limousine or party bus) to a chic bar/club--where everyone else who wants to party with me can join--to dance and drink the night away.
Then I'd like to end the night at a strip club. (I've never been to one. I'm curious.)
I just want my 21st to be glamorously simple, yet eventful.

OH! I have some breaking news.

I've been thinking about sexuality, the stigmas and the connotations, and I've realized that I've been limiting myself of true pleasure by not "taking it further" with female partners. I've given males twenty years so I think it only seems fair to give females a try.

Starting today, I'm taking the Gaga pledge. (I just made it up!)
I shall not deny female partners my sexual company any longer. I'm going to test-run this bisexual business and see where it goes. Of course my standards will still be in play so all the ugly ducklings need not apply lol.

Sexuality is just a label. Sex is expression summoned from the contact between two or more persons. Sex is fun. Sex can be rough (love it) but sex is meant to be a mutually pleasurable experience. Other than vaginas, maybe females have something that guys don't quite possess.

It's time for some "Words of Wisdom."

"When you label something, the label you give manifests itself into the idea of it's entitlement. And with entitlement comes biases. Try not to label things with set-in-stone parameters. Think of things as flexible entities because if you limit things, you limit yourself."

Okay duckies, I have four submissions I need to review before I leave today and I'm sure other assignments will come running to my desk.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson