Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Cigarettes

You are a remarkable creature. What's going on duckies? I'm now HarperCollins-free, this past Friday was my last day on the job. But guess what? They want me to come back this summer!!!
(That's your cue.)
(Aww, thank you. Thank you. You shouldn't have lol.)

In other news, Aaron called me (twice), leaving two (equally) heartfelt hetero-life partner messages and I didn't pick up. I'm sorry but I'm over it. You were a consistent fcuked friend and you're so 2008.

When I was in New York over the summer I became a smoker. (I'm over it now though.) But before this sudden revelation, the reason I started smoking was because of Aaron and my other NY friends. All of them smoke! I just liked the buzz from nicotine. More importantly, I think it's good that I dropped those friends and the bad habit.

In other friend updates, I'd like to take time to thank Graham for picking me from my house to take me to school. (He was going there too but it was still very nice of him lol.)

We had such a blast. We jamming to this 4-hour playlist I made (at like 7am on Sunday morning) and were cracking up the entire ride. We went to Red Lobster and Circuit City too! And like true gangstas we were jamming to Spice Girls...while were driving through one of the roughest avenues in Hartford.

It was too funny. But Graham sassed me, unintentionally of course. As we were unpacking my stuff from his car I had a bag of books (gifts) that were in this big Old Navy bag. Well I'm coming out of my apartment and Graham has this embarrassed look on his face and he utters: "I'm so sorry." In his hand was the Old Navy bag. But the bag was torn from the bottom, and below the bag were the books...scattered across the snow-covered ground.

OMFG?! Are you kidding me?! I run over to the car and start shoveling as many books as I can, as fast as possible, into Graham's trunk. Water damage is the devil. Luckily I had two paper towels in my pocket (I sweat a lot) and I absorbed the soon-to-be water damaged books. No books were harmed. But Graham, honestly, you couldn't hold the bottom of the bag? Common sense gets you a looooong way lol. Love ya Graham!

In other sassy events, several friends and I went to Olive Garden for dinner last night. With our luck, we got a sassy waitress. She greets us, fake smile and all:

"Hi, my name is Bitch (that should have been her name). Would any of you like to taste our wine of the evening?"
We all look around at each other seeing who was going to break the silence and my friend Evy replies:
"Sure, I'd like to try some."
Bitch then asks:
"Okay. May I see your ID?"

Bitch set us up! Evy didn't have her driver's license (she wasn't driving) so she couldn't sample the offered wine. I know Bitch was clearly doing her job but come on?! Graham (being a newly-21 y/o) took up the offer, showing Bitch his ID. Bitch scans the ID and immediately asks, while laughing:
"Where's your date of birth?"
(Stupid bitch.) Graham responds, "It's in more place than one on Delaware IDs," pointing to an emboldened, red area where his DOB clearly was.
Bitch saw it, letting out an elongated "Okaaay," and poured Graham a glass.

Other than that dinner was fine. We were having a swell time; talking $hit about the waitress, technology, private jokes and the upcoming semester...then came time for dessert.
We were joking, saying it would be hilarious if Bitch would ask ID for dessert....AND SHE DID AND IT WAS MY DESSERT! Bitch, get your life together; it's just a milkshake!

Bitch aside, we had a wonderful night.
Sorry for not blogging last night, it was jam-packed between Bitch, meetings, unpacking, visiting friends and fatigue. But here is the quote of the day for Jan 19th:

"In order to obtain a goal you must envision yourself doing something with the actual goal. However, if you concentrate on the details (such as money or other faulty aspects) the goal will become a 'worry.'"

Okay. I have to stop by Monica's because I miss her and she thinks I'm ignoring her lol. (Love you...I know you're reading this.) I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies!

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson