Sunday, March 1, 2009


Duckies I have to share this with you.

The J Boys, a new addition to WSAM, are phenomenal human beings.

They are the future of WSAM and model duckies, in general.
They just gave the best shout-out to Rockstar and I.  I would have cried but I think I'm dehydrated.  (I called in--their show--and told them this too.)
Their show comes on Sundays, 5PM to 7PM; listen/watch them: channel 5 or 105.3FM on campus or or (their own website) if you want to view from your computer.  They even have their own shop.  I think I might buy a J Boys tote this week lol.

I am in love with the J Boys.  You guys are amazing!

Peace, love & J Boys,
Gabriel Anderson

Sass the Runway

Hola duckies! I am in the library and I can't stop looking out the window. Supposedly a snowstorm is supposed to swamp the Northeast.

Duckies, we have to believe in the snow. I know you don't want classes tomorrow nor do you favor Mondays. I need you to look out your window (or just go outside) and say:

Anywho, yesterday I went to the BSU Fashion Show and it was radical. The concepts behind the different scenes were so intricate and fantabulous. Here are some pictures of the glorious show.

I must admit the tardiness of the show was a bit much but I dealt with it this one tacky girl who sassed Graham and I upon arrival.

Duckies, I told you I was going to think positive and get front row seats. Well, Graham and I believed together and we were able to get VIP seating. (It's all about who you know duckies.) But this tacky duckie tried to stop us. There was a public line to get seating and Graham and I weren't aware of it until the tacky duckie said "You're not on the list." It wasn't what she said but how she said it that got me fired up. Then after seeing the looks on both of our faces she said "I love power." Duckies I couldn't hold it any longer. I replied:

"You don't have any power; after this show you're background noise again. And exactly who are you? You are incredibly sassy and I don't appreciate it. Do you hate your life that much that you're going to try to ruin my night? You should transfer because no one's going to like your attitude."

After I put her in her place she looked away and targeted someone else; a dear friend of mine, Keith, who happened to be chewing gum. The tacky duckie said "Stop popping your gum." Keith said something that made me laugh (can't really remember). Get it together duckie. Stop trying to suck the glamour-jazz out of everything.
(Wooohuh! Had to let that out!)

In other news, I was conversing with a duckie, Jocelyn, and she told me she admired my way of dancing. She had a fabulous idea too. Jocelyn told me I should try to teach my own dance class. I really put some thought into it and I am going to (try) to make it an official recreational course for next year.

We'll learn the choreography of hot & sassy music videos and at the end of the course we'll create our own. (I'll keep you duckies posted!)
So excited!

Okay okay, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"The earlier you believe in something the more the outcome will be tailored to your vision. In order to give meaning to a belief you must have a tremendous amount of faith in yourself. Trust and believe!"

I've been hearing a lot of sass about Obama in the media lately.

Leave him alone. He is the closest thing we've got to a solution to America's ridiculous issues. You can't find flaws in perfection.

(Okay so I just looked at a guy to my right--I'm still at the library--and he said "How are you?" I replied "I'm well. How are you?" He said "I'm good," and got up from his chair. I know my face was puzzled, talking to him. He wasn't sassing me...he was just awkward. Like pedophile awkward.)

Lesley: I love you more than chocolate chip cookies.
Pete: Long live Bromance!
Graham: How can I not love you? I had a ball at the Fashion Show.
Lamarra: You looked ravishingly beautiful last night. I'm glad we were in VIP last night.
Monica: What else can I say about how much I love your everything? You're my shooting star.
Alicia: I wasn't kidding when I told you I enjoyed the show, at the Commons. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing your vision with the student body.
Rockstar: You make my life.

Okay duckies, I actually have to start my homework...even though there's going to be a blizzard tonight, (believe it duckies). I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson