Thursday, February 12, 2009

Emo-Fingered Valentine

Hey duckies! Yes, its been a while and I have so much to share with you. I am extremely busy nowadays, to the point where I have to schedule going home (to NYC) at least two months in advance; such a jetsetter!

Toward the beginning of this week I was academically sassed. I usually can't be sassed (academically) because my GPA is a 3.7! Hello, if you try sassing me academically I will crush you! Well, one of my professors, Professor Voldemort tried to fcuk me over when it came to giving me credit for my internship with HarperCollins, saying:

"My primary concern is that it is too late to add a course and that, since the internship is completed, that you wouldn't be able to complete the work that is supposed to be done in process (like the journal)."

Listen here Professor Voldemort, I know you're jealous because I'm a junior in college and I was able to have my own office at an elite, internationally-known publications company...while you just sat back at home hating your life. All my work is completed (especially the journals) and it was just a matter of compiling the work into one document. Jealousy doesn't phase me because I love my life and I'm sorry that you hate yours. Learn to give credit where it's due! (Wooooohuh, I needed to vent duckies. I was so stressed because of him.)

I was stressed to the point where my body decided it was sick. I was so stressed that I got the stomach flu.

It was unbearable, so unbearable that I missed my favorite class, Rhetorics of Gender Activism. The next day I felt better but I couldn't eat anything.

While room-ridden, what got me through my stress-slump was "Legally Blonde" the movie.

(I haven't seen the play, other than what I've seen on MTV, and I think it'll ruin the movie for me.)

Anyway, the part in the movie where Elle realized that no one believed in her academic-adequacy is the part that almost made me cry because I felt exactly like Elle. But like Elle I got my $hit together and I showed the sassers I wasn't having it.

I'm in the library right now and I don't know how people work in such silence. I need noise to do anything. I'm from the city and what people call "quiet" in the city are cars driving by, people talking outside, the buzz of the streetlamps and the whisper of the street.

Right now I'm jamming to my iPod and I know people are staring at me because I'm bouncing in my chair lip-syncing. But as Fall Out Boy says "I Don't Care."

Speaking of "I Don't Care," last night Paris (Rockstar) was sick so I had to do the radio show by myself; where I played "I Don't Care." I had such a blast working in the studio by myself because it made me feel more independent and A-list than usual.

I had to man the controls, the computer, music, copying the playlist for the E-Board's records, typing up a script, the phone (even though no one called lol) and other things. Rockstar I miss you...get well! (I recorded the show--on a CD--and if any of you duckies wanna hear it, hit me up!)

OH! I just remembered that I left the CD of last night's show in Monica's room. But it's fine. Last night, while I was there we watched "Rules of Attraction." Yolanda and Cherry were there too and I love hanging out with those ladies...they're so fun! Anywho, I was feeling sassy and I asked Monica to paint my nails black, since she was painting hers. Monica was falling asleep so she said "I'll paint one." Being that she was tired I gave her a break and I let her paint my right middle finger. I feel so frikkin emo and I love it.

I guess it makes sense that we painted my right middle finger because people give this finger such power and this shade of black (noir) epitomizes the ugliness of hate the "middle finger" represents. (That was deep.)

Speaking of deep, I love STN (my school's Student Television Network). They believe in me so much that they really want to give me a show! I had a real meeting with them, the other day, for my show; "The Antoine Gardner Show" and I feel so honored.

Shout-outs to the following lovely duckies of STN. (Real Names...oOoOoOo)

-Mallory Duncan*
-Christina Joniaux*
-Matt Cooke*
-Suzie Hunter*
-Kim Bifulco*
(*these were the only people at the impromptu meeting)

And I thank every and anyone I missed!

By the way I need about twenty-people to be in my live studio audience on the day of taping, which is March 12th. (Email me at to RSVP!)

Anywho, in regards to my personal-personal life, I was thinking about calling Aaron (my ex-best friend) today. I was evaluating where we stand and if I was being too harsh. But while I was in class my beautiful professor, Professor Beckford, said something in class, along the lines of:
"It's hard to let go of what you know."
With that being said...

go team Lauren (me).

Speaking of me, I need to give you duckies the new quote to live by until I post again. Here it is:

"Whenever you plan something to the point where there isn't room to breathe, the plan never works out because you're focusing on the probability of failure. Life is unpredictable and you have to adjust your life to fit in with its unpredictability. Have a plan but don't crumble when the universe tries to spice up your life."

Woooohuh, I wrote a lot today. But I think it was needed because I've been depriving you duckies. I just picked up my Valentine's (Alex) gift from the post office on campus and I have to run and pack it with some glamour-jazz before my A-list appointments come knocking at my BlackBerry.

I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson