Monday, January 5, 2009

Pretty Duckies

Hello there. For the past few weeks I've been trying to find something unique to call everyone, something that no one else will use. While reading, one of my favorite characters (Byron) from my favorite author's (Laurell K. Hamilton) Anita Blake series, called Anita "duckie." And that's when it came to me.

I'll call everyone duckies!
Yaaay duckies! Anyway, work was slow today. It felt like everybody was a zombie.

I have ten days left of my internship with HarperCollins. I just learned how to use the coffee machine and soon I'll have to start paying for my own midday coffee surge. Oh well, life goes on.

Speaking of moving on, on my way home (to the train station) this dude was walking so slow with his girlfriend. So being a true New York pedestrian...I cut him off. I don't know if it was intentional but this dude...

steps on the back of my foot. Not like "I'm stumbling because you stepped on my heel" kind of footstep but like "this dude is playing footsies with my ankle." I wanted to punch him in the face. But I moved on with my life because I have a future.

But the sass doesn't end there. A few train stops before my stop, a bum decided to sit across from me. I'm cool with it; everyone can't have style and soap. So this bum decides to take out this meal (it smelled sooooo good by the way) and he makes a complete mess. After his meal he starts flicking the food debris off of his my direction.

And bum dude knew what he was doing because he was looking right at me. Who is your mother, Mr. Bum? I wanna speak to her...then smack her in the face for letting you come on the train looking a mess. And to top it all off you wanna fling your leftovers at an A-Listers feet. The bummy nerve! I'm glad I didn't give him the change in my pocket. Now I can use my change so a Starkbucks barista can fling a Caramel Machiatto in my direction, tomorrow morning.

I've been sticking to my "I'm-not-gonna-look-fat-in-my-21st-birthday-pictures" diet. I ate reasonable amounts of food and did an intense hour of exercise. (You know I had to throw some Beyonce up in there lol).

Speaking of being bootylicious, let's get to the quote of the day for January 6th:

"Never let negativity stop you from doing as you please. As long as you hold onto to your dream and see it through, nothing can stop you." (Not even a food-flinging bum).

With that being said it's time for me to go to bed. I got to go pick out a bum-repellent outfit for tomorrow lol. I wish you the best of happiness. Stay true duckies.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson

The Common Ground for Balloons

Hey pretties. I am so sorry about the lack of postings. All of a sudden I've become a busy A-lister...which I love. Anyway, I hope you all had a wondrous break/vacation thus far. Friday night I ended up hanging out with Corey. She and I had the best time. We were all over town; New York City was ours. We went from 116th Street and Lenox Ave to 86th Street and 7th Ave to 23rd Street and 6th Ave and finally 109th Street and Broadway. I had a little too much fun and ended up showing the world my "celebratory nature."
OH! Corey and I were at Chelsea Dog and this special lady came up to Corey and asked:
("Do you want these balloons?")
Being that we were having the time of our lives before balloon lady came, Corey responded (with a sassy-neck gesture): "Noo." The lady was shocked and replied "Oh...okay." Much to our surprise the lady tied the balloons to a phone booth...right outside of the Chlesea Dog restaurant. Corey and I were floored. (I have videos of this but my BlackBerry won't let me send it because the videos are too long. SASS!)

In addition to Friday's festivities, I met someone a couple days back and we decided to go out on Saturday evening. His name is Devin and he's amazing. We have sooooo much in common; we even have the same camera. Besides that he is an eloquent gentlemen and we spoke for hours, without the conversation dying. Devin is so A-List worthy, too.
Well to get into details we met at the Virgin Records, down at Union Square and immediately went to Republic. Republic is this inexpensive, chic Vietnamese restaurant that I love. It has the best food!

Devin never dined there so I decided there's no time like the present. He left very satisfied. After that we went to Starbucks, then walked from Union Square to Chinatown, conversing and not caring about anything but each other's voice. It was delightful.

Mircaculously enough we spotted a Pinkberry (this A-List yogurt hotspot) and we decided we weren't going to pass it up. I had fruity pebbles on mine and he had granola, almonds and captain crunch. The night was going along well until I saw William (the Pinkberry clerk) spelled my name wrong on the cup. My name read "Antoin" on the cup.

I tell ya, the sass never leaves me alone. Afterwards Devin and I decided to go to my house to watch "Sex and the City: The Movie." I'm so glad I can watch that with him and have him appreciate it as much as I.

With that being said let's get to the quote for today, January 5th:

"Never doubt yourself. Letting doubt into your thoughts contaminates your positive outlook on life. Believe in yourself and doors that were once closed will burst open, just for you."

I love you guys but I'm at work now. Oh! Here's a pic of my humble office.
(I love my life lol.)

I wish you the best of happiness and a spectacular day. Stay true pretties.

Peace, love & Obama,
Gabriel Anderson