Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stroller Stampede

Good morning duckies! I hope you're having a gorgeous day today because if you're not...why are you wasting precious moments?! This is your life and you have to be the star: you can't be the supporting actor/actress of your own life!

Anywho, during my early morning commute I was assaulted by a stroller. I was about to enter the train doors and to my right I saw a beautiful little Hispanic baby boy, wearing a SpongeBob baseball cap. He was simply adorable and he seemed to be enjoying his early morning stroller adventure. His parents on the other hand were vile.
His father had a Military buzz cut and was fiercely latching onto today's copy of the New York Post. He looked very stern. (If he were my father, I'd be scared to get him something cheap on Father's Day.) His mother--oh dear--was scary.
She wore this ill-fitting orange see-through butterfly camisole, with floppy denim Capri's and this out-of-this-fcuking-world black and silver skull studded belt. Not to mention it looked like her eyebrows were tattooed on.

They weren't sexy like some posh celebrity's...they were pencil-thin exaggerated and rainbow arched, which made her look even scarier.
As the train doors opened, the father practically darted--with the stroller in front of him--ahead of me, trying to snatch a seat. He started off going to the right, while I went to the left. Suddenly, the father swings the stroller to the left and knocks the back of my right heel with the front left wheel of the stroller, before I could plant my foot for the next step.

I almost fell on this old lady reading a book. However, I didn't think about what to do next, I just reacted. I grabbed onto the closest pole and regained my balance. I let out a heavy sigh and found a seat, far away from the odd couple.
These people looked like they could easily kill me, especially the father with his ex-Military vibes.

But what pissed me off was the train car was practically empty. This strange-looking and act couple nearly sprained my ankle for the sake of getting a seat in a nearly empty train car. If they're that hasty when seats are highly accessible I would hate to be around them during rush hour. (I could only imagine what they would do to me if I picked up the last Joseph & Lyman purple cotton V-Neck sweater at Bloomy's! LOL, that was a good day. I apologize for my randomness. I need to go shopping duckies.)
Other than that, my morning commute ran smoothly.

Speaking of smooth, I can't wait to get a haircut today. I can't remember the last time I got a haircut to be honest. OMG, I think it was in April...I got my last haircut in April. If you've seen me for the past few months, I've collected a healthy amount of growth. Honestly, I think I look like a Chia Pet.

Even though I love how soft my hair is when it grows this length, I don't miss the heat it collects in the summer lol. It's incredibly curly--no, I don't have nappy hair, ask Rockstar lol--and it's irksome to have to brush and comb it before I leave the house everyday.

OH, I have some awesome news!
Yesterday I realized this holiday weekend is going to be insane. Gabriella's birthday is this Sunday and I'm proud to say she parties like her older brother.
On Friday we're going to this amazing water park in the Poconos, Camel Beach.

Then on Saturday she and I are going Shark Cage Diving at this aquarium in Long Island
and then she's having friends sleepover to play Wii, laugh, party, and BBQ in the backyard.
She's going to be fifteen! Like wtf? I remember when she used to race around the house in her walker like it was yesterday.

In other news, last night I stumbled upon two phenomenal movies accidentally: "Hot Rod" and "The Nanny Diaries."

It came on TV around 10pm last night and I could not compose myself. When it was shown in theaters, the previews turned me off from the movie...and I regret that they did. If you like the digital shorts Andy Samberg creates on SNL then you're going to love this film. He is a comic mastermind. I'm definitely getting it on DVD!

"The Nanny Diaries" is a precious film and Scarlett Johansson does an amazing job in portraying her post-undergrad character. This film teaches its viewers a great lesson: never sell yourself short regardless of the circumstance. I would definitely watch this film again if it were to pop-up on cable. However, it's one of those touching movies that you wouldn't want to spend DVD money on. (No offense Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus.)

Enough of that, let's get to some "Words of Wisdom."

"Never be embarrassed of yourself. Embarrassment is an emotional trap. It harbors within self-doubt and leads you to believe you're inadequate. Life is an unpredictable ball of adventure so don't beat yourself up when things get rough. Life life on purpose and rid yourself of shame."

Okay duckies, I don't know how but I am incredibly swamped at work today...

hence the super-short posting today.

I wish you the best of happiness this weekend. Happy Thursday! I love you. Stay true and tuned.

Live, love & Lady Gaga,
Gabriel Anderson

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